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Do you want to play your favorite songs on the guitar but your fingers just won’t co-operate?

Do you find it difficult to work out songs just by listening to them?

guitar lessons

I used to spend hours each week practicing, trying to work out the chords for my favorite songs. Half the time I couldn’t even manage to get my guitar properly in tuned, to begin with.

And as for being able to play songs just by listening to them, well I used to feel like banging my head against the wall in frustration. It still hurts!
Instead of improving my playing, all I got to show for my efforts were callouses on my fingers.

I wish JamPlay had been around in those days because it gives you great results… and fast, even in the first few hours of the program. You see, JamPlay is a step-by-step guitar course that has been lovingly designed by an award-winning team of top guitar instructors that removes all of the guesswork from your guitar practice. I think it is the best way to learn guitar available today.

JamPlay contains everything you need to take you from complete beginner to a competent guitarist in a matter of weeks.

I’ve been playing the guitar for 22 years and have tried every method of learning to play the guitar going, so I know what I’m talking about here. I’ve taught friends to play and have played in a number of different bands.

I began learning blues, rock and metal but am interested in all genres of guitar playing and enjoy playing everything and anything as long as it keeps me interested. A particular hobby of mine during my student days was working out how to play the chords and melody for the theme tunes of various children’s programs.

I’m so glad that I learned to play the guitar because it has enriched my life in so many ways, and not just the obvious guitar-related ones…

For instance, a guitar is a great talking point and is a great way to meet people and make friends. I met my wife because of my guitar. She came over to speak to me because I had my guitar sitting next to me in the cafe. I would never have had the guts at that time to go over and speak to her so it was my guitar that got me noticed. We’ve been together ever since.

Here are some of the benefits that you could enjoy once you learn the guitar with JamPlay.

Learning to play guitar

Once you’ve learned to play the guitar, you’ll be able to impress that special someone in your life. It’s a cliche but a serenade will often be the way to a girl’s heart. And yes, ladies, it can work on guys too!

These days I play guitar with the kids a lot. They love it when I fool around on the guitar for them. I think it makes them feel special like I’m putting on a music show just for them… which of course I am.

I also sometimes get the guitar out for a good old sing song around the campfire when we go out into the wilderness for some wild camping. There’s not much to do for entertainment out there so you have to make your own. With a guitar, you’ve got all you need for an evening’s merriment.

With a guitar, you’ve got all you need for an evening’s merriment.
Playing the guitar is a great way to impress your friends. Ever wondered why some people are always the center of attention? If you play the guitar you’ll find people will want to speak with you more. It seems that being a guitarist makes you a more interesting person in other people’s eyes.

“You hum it and I’ll play it.” Ever wanted to say that to someone? Well after playing for a while, you’ll be able to.

And you can stop worrying about what to learn next. Online guitar lessons such as JamPlay gives you step by step instructions so you’ll never have to waste time trawling through useless videos on Youtube again. With all that time saved, you’ll have more time available to spend with your family, getting fit or even just putting in more practice to become a better guitarist more quickly.

With online GUITAR lessons, you can also learn at your own pace. Whether it’s 3 am or 5 pm you can get valuable instruction from the online guitar lessons any time of the day or night. If you work nights or just happen to be a “night person” then Jamorama’s for you.

Practice in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Do you get embarrassed or flustered in front of a guitar teacher and your fingers just won’t do as they’re told? You won’t have this problem with Jamorama because all the course notes, videos and other materials are provided for you via your computer, without the need for any face-to-face tuition. And they’re available for instant download as soon as you’ve made the purchase.

Join a band!

Maybe your local church band is down a guitarist? Get in God’s good books by filling the gap.

Or maybe you just want groupies knocking down your dressing room door? In that case, join a rock band!

Why not follow the Jamorama course with your spouse or kids? It will give you a shared interest and bring you closer together through music.

Become a less stressed-out person. One of the advantages of playing the guitar is that it reduces stress. Stop your hair turning gray by learning the guitar!

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Video Guitar Lessons on YouTube Review

Recently I was back searching around on my favorite guitar site of all –! and I came across some videos that were doing something quite different from most others kinds of standard guitar lessons. This instructor was teaching how to play all the typical beginner guitar songs but not just with strumming… he was including the melody links intertwined with the chords.

This has 2 distinct advantages over purely strumming chords

#1 – It makes the song instantly recognizable to whomever is listening to you

There has always existed a fundamental problem with playing songs on guitar for beginners. Most learn to simply strum through songs but with this technique unless your audience specifically knows the song you are trying to play very often the chords are meaningless and no one recognizes the tune. Why? Because the melody part is missing, that’s why.

As soon as you and in even just a hint of the signature melody line (it doesn’t even have to be accurate) the human ear will immediately make the connection and link it to the original song. This leads me directly into advantage number two.

#2 – It’s far more gratifying and enjoyable to play guitar

When you throw together all the basic parts of song – the vocal line, the chords/harmony and the bass line together, you feel as though you are playing something which is genuinely musical. It’s like you’re finally playing guitar as musicians do. People will ask you to play for them more, you’ll enjoy playing guitar more in general, you’ll produce a much nicer style of guitar to listen to and you’ll come across as a much better musician too.

Not bad right?

That’s why I’m recommending these latest lessons. If your technical ability on guitar is up to it then definitely give them a go. You may find that they change your approach to guitar forever and you’ll never again be satisfied by purely strumming along to songs around the campfire anymore!